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What I learned from a temporary tattoo of my brother’s face

As my future sister-in-law peered through layers of tissue paper and pink bags filled with nighties, lotions, and other unmentionables one receives at a bachelorette party, the rest of us looked on with giggles and excitement.

Her pile of loot grew bigger and bigger. And soon, one package remained: a small, padded envelope. It was from my sister-in-law’s friend, a teacher, who lived out of state. The card was opened and read aloud, mentioning that along with a gift card for a massage, included was a small treat for the rest of us. We looked at each other with curiosity. Us? And in such a small envelope?

The bride-to-be unfolded something slowly. She screamed. She looked up and us, then back at something in her hands. Slowly, she lifted it up.

It was a pile of temporary, stick-on tattoos of my brother’s face with the words: Sorry ladies! John’s taken <3 <3

The room erupted in shouts and laughter and yells and giggles.

The fact that this friend had taken the time to send a card, thoughtful. Sent a card and a gift for a massage, generous. Sent a card, a massage, AND a personalized, one-of-a-kind token for the rest of us? Downright outrageous.

No one at the party knew this girl. But you can be sure when the wedding day arrives and we have the chance to finally meet her, that tattoo will be the topic of conversation, an immediate connection.

This got me thinking. Sometimes the smallest token champions the biggest impact. Taking one extra step to be generous and thoughtful makes all the difference. And, thinking outside the box often creates meaningful connections.

How do you connect with others? What can you do to make your business collaborations and relationships stronger?

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