Green Typewriter


spring online course: writing a children's book

you're ready to write. i'll help you figure out how to spark some creativity. let's get you really living. let's get you writing. what's that you say? you're not a writer? unacceptable. we all have a story in us. i'm here to help you find yours. because you never know what will spark from this one creative action.

what you will learn


through this four-week course, you will learn:

  • how to silence your inner critic and WRITE

  • who you're writing for (hint: it's not your negative and nosy's for YOU)

  • how to find your story idea

  • how to get to know your characters

  • how to develop a rock-solid plot

by the end of this course, you will have a 500-word children's book that you can share with the world, read to your kids, bring to your classroom, show your family. this will be proof that