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Why LinkedIn should be your new best friend

LinkedIn has quickly and effortlessly found its way into a multitude of companies’ social media strategy. Let’s face it: If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re missing a vital piece of the networking puzzle. Today, having a social presence on Facebook and Twitter just isn’t enough. LinkedIn is a unique social networking site created for aspiring, motivated, influential businesspeople of all ages. It is the only social media platform with a strict niche: Professionalism.

LinkedIn can help you build your network (and your business) in a number of ways. Read on to discover why LinkedIn should be your new best friend.


Whether you’ve held ten positions or three, LinkedIn is the perfect platform on which to brag about yourself. Within certain modules of your profile, you’ll be prompted to add any and all certifications and awards you’ve received over the years.


LinkedIn is a social network, just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—which means you have the opportunity to interact with others. LinkedIn exists to help professionals grow their network, but it doesn’t just happen—you’ve got to put in a little work. Reaching out to professionals in your industry, asking them to meet for a cup of coffee, and liking or commenting on their posts will help you reap more benefits from the platform.


LinkedIn focuses on expanding career opportunities, which makes it the perfect place to find new job postings. Many employers will post job openings on their LinkedIn page before they even share the job on their website. Oftentimes, you can even apply directly via LinkedIn; with advanced search, it’s easy to narrow down the results to positions that fit within your industry and your level of experience. Job hunting has never been easier!


Your presence online now determines someone’s first impression of you. Employers search for your social profiles to learn preliminary information about the type of person—and subsequently, the type of worker—you are. LinkedIn is the perfect place to ramp up your personal, professional brand. Adding a professional photo, writing a compelling summary, and sharing pieces of your work will lead to an increased number of page visits and ultimately, an increased number of professionals added to your network.


Much like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a live feed on its homepage so you can stay up-to-date not only on your connections’ posts, but on news, industry updates, and even happenings in politics and pop culture.


LinkedIn allows you to share your content in the form of a post—similar to a blog. You can publish your work right to LinkedIn, so all of your connections can easily access it as they scroll through their feeds. This is a great practice to get into to help establish yourself as a thought leader and an industry expert.

It’s a no-brainer. LinkedIn can only help you gain traction in your industry. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and network!

Erika is a communicator, passionate about content creation and brand growth. She is fascinated by the power of words–the power they have to establish connections, change someone’s mind, and make meaningful impact where it matters most.

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