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6 ways to beat the mid-day slump

We’ve all been there. We wake up, get to work, and start diving into the mountain of projects positioned on our desk. And then, suddenly, it’s 2:00 and our energy completely fizzles out. We stare at our screen for awhile and glance at the clock after what feels like an hour. It’s 2:05. We think to ourselves, “How in the world am I going to make it 3 more hours before the day ends?”

Tick, tock.

It’s the midday slump. Everyone experiences it. No matter how excited and energized we are about our job, there always comes a point in our day when we hit a wall. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to beat it.

1. Drink an ice cold glass of water

This is probably one of the easiest ways to boost your energy at work. After a morning filled with coffee, you may be dehydrated in the afternoon. Water, of course, is the perfect fix. Getting up to get a glass of water requires you to get out from behind your desk and stretch your legs, and the cold ice will give you a bit of a jolt.

2. Listen to some music

An upbeat song may be the perfect cure to a midday slump. In fact, research tells us music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Whether your office plays ambient music over the speakers or not, you can easily open your favorite music streaming app and listen to your favorite genre. If you’ve already been listening to music throughout the day, listening to a different artist or genre may help you feel less tired and bored.

3. Go for a walk

Getting up to stretch your legs is vital for your health… and your sanity! It can be hard on both your mental and physical well being to sit at a desk all day, staring at a computer screen. No matter where you work, taking a few minutes to take a lap around the office, building, or neighborhood will pay dividends. It will help keep your blood circulating and, ultimately, help you refocus on the task at hand when you arrive back at your desk.

4. Have a snack

Or chew some gum. Even if you haven’t exerted a lot of physical energy throughout the day, using your brain to solve complex work tasks still requires some fuel. A midday snack is the perfect pick-me-up, and will help tide you over until dinner. To avoid feeling sluggish, try a small handful of mixed nuts, a couple cheese sticks, or a protein bar.

5. Chat with a coworker

Sometimes, all you need is a little conversation. If your coworkers have some time to kill, or are looking for a pick-me-up, too, ask them about their day, their weekend, or what they’re working on. Having the opportunity to look away from your screen and think about something other than work will make a huge impact on your productivity.

6. Change up your surroundings

Lastly, if at all possible, change your settings. If you work at a relatively laid back agency, or you’re a freelancer who usually works from home, get out of your seat and try finishing your work at a nearby park or local coffee shop. A change of scenery is often just what we need to get our creative juices flowing again. Chances are, you’ll be inspired by someone or something new you encounter at your new location—and, it will make your work feel less like work.

Erika is a communicator, passionate about content creation and brand growth. She is fascinated by the power of words–the power they have to establish connections, change someone’s mind, and make meaningful impact where it matters most.

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