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A well-known, powerful family with a shocking secret. Two journalists, living one hundred years apart, both digging for the truth. 

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Hi there! I’m Maggie and I founded Mill City Creative in 2016. I began my career as a morning TV news producer. But in my free time, I’d snap open my laptop to follow my true passion: writing. I published my first short story when I was four called, The Squirrel (I dictated words to my dad who diligently typed them on our family PC, the Amiga). I’ve been writing ever since. 


When my husband and I had our first baby, I dreamed of spending my days peacefully wearing him in the Ergobaby carrier, while sipping hot tea, sitting in a house smelling like lavender-lit candles and writing at my desk made of reclaimed wood. Fast-forward a few years and a few more babies and I’ve changed my tune. Just a bit. I’ve learned that life is messy and crazy and busy. But, I’ve also learned (and am still learning!) how to live my life by design, not default. 



Whether your business is your full-time gig or simply a passion project, one thing is true: you have an identity that makes you who you are. You’ve worked hard to get here. And now you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Your customers are seeking out authentic, interesting and relevant content. But crafting messaging that’s honest and inspiring is hard work. 



Forty words. Statistically, that’s all you get to hook your reader. Let’s make every word count. 


We’re a content marketing studio that specializes in content development, branding and messaging for a roster of clients. Whether you’re crafting your business from the ground-up and need some stand-out messaging, launching a blog suited for your ideal customer or ready to take your brand to the next level, we’re here to help. 




Blog content

Website copy




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Brand consulting

Brand strategy

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The conversation

Over coffee or tea or donuts, let’s chat. We’ll talk timeline and pricing so we’re on the same page. Once we’ve agreed to work together, we’ll send over a contract. 


The discovery

You’ll receive a creative brief that asks you to share details about your business, brand, and hopes and dreams. We’ll use your responses to help craft your vision.


The exploration

You’ll be asked to share samples of content that you feel is in line with your brand identity. We want to see what you like.


The details

We’ll craft authentic, inspiring content for you. Then, it’s your turn to provide honest, detailed feedback. We’ll ask specific questions to make sure our product is meeting the needs of your goals.


The launch

It’s time to release your content into the world! Yay!


writing a children's book: an online course

you are a writer. yes, you.


in this 4-week online course, i'll teach you life-changing exercises that will empower you to silence your inner critic and let your inner writer shine. 

each week, we'll work together to develop your characters and plot. little by little, you'll create your masterpiece.



Think we’d be a good fit for your project? Fill out the form or drop us a line at

Thanks for reaching out! We're so happy you did. We started Mill City Creative because we want to create honest, relatable and trustworthy content. We can't wait to hear more about your goals, hopes a

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